I am a software and user experience designer based in Orange County, CA, focusing on interaction design and software products. I design interactive systems by considering human-centered research and using design thinking and agile practices. I hold a Master’s Degree in Design from North Carolina State University.

My background in human-centered design has manifested in the forms of interaction design, design research, information architecture, and UX design. I merge these fields to better understand the connection between design and people’s need. I am constantly intrigued by the ways in which design can make a positive change in our lives and helps us better facilitate our decision-making process, especially as situations grow more complex.

For nearly 10 years, I’ve created engaging and innovative experiences for users to interact with and thrived in collaborative and co-design conditions at cultural organizations, academic institutions, and enterprises.

Currently, I work as a Senior User Experience and Product Designer at Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation®). Previously, I worked at ReadyForZero and Avant and designed multiple financial software and products, through which I learned more about data-driven design.

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UX & Product Design Readings

Sometimes my friends and colleagues ask me what user experience and product design books and articles they should read, here are a few of my favorites books that I’ve read and found inspiring. I usually share useful article on my Twitter feed @pbshirazi. Feel free to come back here, I’ll update this page regularly.


Grapholio, published in 2012 by Rowzaneh Publication, this book features my selected graphic design works from 2001 to 2012.

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