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Whom I've Worked With

  • Symphonic
  • Creo Design Innovation Lab
    Creo Design Innovation Lab
  • Upright Law
  • Avant Inc
    Avant Inc
  • ReadyForZero
  • Good360
  • NC Museum of History
    NC Museum of History
  • KITO Enterprise LLC
    KITO Enterprise LLC
  • NC State University
    NC State University
  • 2Pointb
  • Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora
    Center for Lebanese Diaspora
  • Livi-logo-final
  • CHASS, College of Humanities and Social Science
    CHASS, College of Humanities and Social Science
  • Padid Design Studio
    Padid Design Studio
  • Laker Ship Managment LLC
  • Cedars in the Pines
    Cedars in the Pines
  • Persian Legacy Foundation
    Persian Legacy Foundation
  • Raya Publications
    Raya Publications
  • JVC Technical Service Center
  • Encyclopedia of Iranian Architectural History

Whom I've Worked With

What people say about me

  • I met Parsa when he joined the ReadyForZero design team, where we worked together on improving the existing ReadyForZero web and mobile apps, and also designed new personal finance tools from scratch. From the start, his motivation and creative energy contributed to the spirit of the team.

    Parsa approaches complex UX problems with analytical precision. He also brings great knowledge and experience in visual design to the table. He is a self-driven and curious learner who constantly explores new tools and technologies, and motivates his coworkers to improve workflows and communication. Most importantly, Parsa is a very empathic observer of the users’ needs and problems, and truly follows a user-centric approach. His dependability and work ethic make him a pleasure to work with. If you get the chance to work with him, take it!

    Kristina Schneider
    Lead Designer
  • Parsa and I worked on multiple projects while we were together in Avant, he is one of the most knowledgable UX designers I have had pleasure to worked with. What separates Parsa from other designers, is his ability to focus on both the user experience and aesthetics. He had clean designs that looked good, and worked well. Parsa knows the important of data, and embraced the usage of accurate user tracking to prove existing UX flow effectiveness and identify areas of improvement. He is also a great communicator, he always involved both engineering and business owners early on in the design process, and made sure the experiences he designed satisfies the business requirements, and do not incur unnecessary technical debt.

    Bowen Li
    Sr. Software Engineer at Avant
  • I worked directly with Parsa on a number of engagement/retention features in Avant’s dashboards: credit scores, credit score simulator, alerts, etc. Parsa brought an incredible amount of dashboard feature design domain expertise to the table, therefore our speed to market was incredibly fast. Parsa is incredibly strong at UX information architecture and workflows. I recall assigning him a task to map out a number of complicated edge cases related to opting in/out. I had a Lucid chart in my email box a few hours later; it was comprehensive and covered a number of scenarios that no one had anticipated. Parsa showed how well rounded he is when he stepped in to deliver an amazing UI visual design, when our UI visual designer was tasked with another product. I’m hoping I get the opportunity to work with Parsa again in the future.

    Matt Eatherton
    Matt Eatherton
    Head of US Products
  • I worked with Parsa during his tenure as a Senior UX Designer at Avant. I got to see his work first-hand on the ReadyForZero and the Avant Loyalty Project. Parsa combines deep academic expertise with real-world sensibility to deliver projects on-deadline and was involved in several successful launch timelines during his tenure. He is well-respected and well-liked by his peers, including fellow designers and development teams.

    He is always smiling and would be a great asset for any team that needs thorough analysis and detailed-oriented UX designs.

    Ignacio Thayer
    Head of Engineering at Avant
  • Parsa is a wonderful, talented, and organized UX designer. He quickly synthesizes his research and has a full understanding about UX. I’ve worked with Parsa for a year now. Within that year, we’ve established a very good communication between each other. He’s a very humble person with no ego. He will go out of his way in teaching me new theories about UX design. I’ve learned a lot from him. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity in being under his care. Parsa is quick in providing solutions to problems. He is a true problem solver. He loves to identify the problem through his detailed research. He uses data to drive his design decisions and is constantly reiterating to further improve the product. I highly recommend Parsa to be on your team if you ever need a genuine talented person.

    Chea Thaing
    Senior UI/UX Designer
  • Parsa is an innovator. From the moment we began working together, it was clear that he was passionate about his work of translating the ethos of our project into graphic design; and incorporating multiple elements into an elegant, on-message, and transcendent design profile. We worked together on a full-scale museum exhibition featuring, which was a  highly collaborative effort, Parsa, the Lead Designer on the project, had a strong vision, but listened to the ideas of others; quickly drew plans and suggested design ideas that kept up the momentum of the project; and was sensitive to others that didn’t have a strong design background, but knew a lot on the content of the exhibition (like me!) Parsa’s graphical sense is a benefit to any project, and the way he presents his vision as well as his work ethic will raise the bar in any environment.

    Caroline Muglia
    Librarian at USC
  • Parsa is a very creative designer with a strong motivation working with whom was a great pleasure to me. He is a dependable and trustable thorough professional gentleman, takes his task very seriously. Always takes initiative to resolve the problems on spot & take prompt action to avoid delays. He has an independent mind, making thoughtful judgments and dealing with projects requirements. He does mix up easily with colleagues of any trade/region/ nationality. He is always ready to work as team player and/or can take the load of work on his own. I found him a proactive and tireless contributor who would make a great addition to any team from concept inception through completion, from a talented designer to one who can be handed over serious tasks using his notable skill set.

    Sam Foroutani
    Sr.Architect at Adamson Inc.